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Do you want to host a Creative Social?

The Creative Social is the perfect event for anyone with natural born creativity or not. Our stencils and materials will allow your company to create the perfect piece of art. Our budget friendly options keep the event affordable for everyone.

A Creative Social is perfect for a night out with friends, bachelorette parties, couples parties, company outings,  kids parties, and more! 

What kind of party would you like to host?

Wood Sign Painting Party - Your guest will have the option to choose one design to paint on the day of the party.  Their prepaid design will be created into a stencil and ready to go on the day of your event.

Glass Etching Party - You guest will have the ability to create two different glass etching products. You can choose from two large items or a large and small item.  Your guests will choose their design prior to the event.

What do I need to host a party?

  • Space - Large enough to hold your entire party
  • Table & Chairs - You should have enough tables for your guests to spread out and an one additional table for us to set up on
  • Disposable Table Clothes (optional)
  • Drop Cloths (optional)
  • Snacks & Refreshments (optional)

How do I set up a party?

First, you will need to decide on the type of party you would like to host. We will have you go through our designs and let us know what types of designs you would like painted at your party. The host may choose up to six different designs. These designs range from inspirational quotes, holiday themes, monogram signs or a mix of all the above.

Once you decide on the theme of your party there will be a party page on The Complete Social website created for you. You can get the word out by creating a Facebook event or sending out emails. We recommend planning a party at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

What are benefits of hosting a party?

A discounted or free sign for yourself. Endless laughs and time with friends.

Things to remember:

All signs must be paid for no less than 2 days prior to the event
Aprons will be provided, however please remember that the paint is permanent
It is recommended (but not required) that all parties are Adult Only (unless you are hosting a child's birthday party)
Keep snacks simple & light